Friday, January 6, 2012

Ok, I have what, 500ish days left? I forget when this stops. However! I have completed a bunch of these without knowing it!

For one, I made cupcakes completely from scratch!
They may have been a bit over cooked so the Oreo was crunchy, but they were good and I did it myself!

Grow and eat a veggie - we grew several things. The only things that happened to actually grow enough to eat, however were some cherry tomatoes and a couple onions. But we ate them and are trying again this year!

We took Olliver (and Brandon!) to an Imagination Movers Concert in May 2011.

I've read a ton of new books (Devil's Food Cake Murder; Heaven Preserve Us; Spin a Wicked Web; Something Borrowed, Something Bleu; Wined and Dined; Lye in Wait; October Fest; September Faire; August Moon; Knee High by the Fourth of July; June Bug; May Day; Something Blue; Something Borrowed; Hello Kitty Must Die; Deceptively Dexter - ok, I'm almost done with that last one, so 17 at least!) and tried a ton of new recipes - I'll try to post them all in separate posts. I'm looking and seeing 16 at least, though!

I've found a cleaning schedule I like - . If I stick to it, it works. I took a break.. for some reason and have just gotten back in.

Become more proficient at sewing - I'm working on it! I made a CD holder for my dad this year for Christmas.. it wasn't perfect, it wasn't the best, but I made it and it works!

See a Drive-in Movie - we did this! It was a TON of fun and I hope we can go back a lot this summer! We saw Winnie the Pooh and Zookeeper at Hull's Drive In. LOVED it.

Ollie knows his ABC's! He can sing them well and he does know most of them by sight as well :)

Disney World with the family was totally done :) Ollie can't wait to do it again, either.

Lastly, I think - A class for me. I'm starting classes to be a respiratory therapist. I'm having my last two pre requistes this semester, and I apply for the program. I'm all sorts of nervous that I won't get in, though :/