Friday, October 1, 2010


Last weekend DH and I went to see "Easy A" for our Sept date night.

Before that, however, we went to the furniture store and bought our new dresser! It was delivered Thursday and we went through all of our clothes and have gotten rid of FOUR trash bags of clothes so far. FOUR. That's insane. Do you know how many pairs of shorts he had that don't fit? How many tanktops I had because I couldn't find mine, so I just bought more?? CRAZY. That's what it was.

Also, I went through the Starbuck's drive through Thursday. I bought my and Julie's drinks and then paid for the car behind me, crossing off another item. I can't help but wonder - did they pay for the car behind them, or just keep their little bit of surprise to themselves?

Yay for crossing off 3 items and keeping up with a monthly item!!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Snapshot Challenge

#70 Youth.

100 Snapshot Challenge

1 nature (original : butterfly)

2 bird (original : hummingbird)

3 a waterfall or a water drop.

4 something others would think is broken or junk that you think is beautiful

5 something others would find happy that you find sad and/or vice versa

6 hope

7 rage

8 comfort

9 jubilation

10 Happiness

11 Winter

12 Spring

13 Summer

14 Fall

15 Yumminess (I was thinking food related, but you decide what this means)

16 Love

17 Kiss

18 weathered

19 dirty

20 action

21 twirl

22 colorful

23 beautiful

24 trapped

25 direction

26 swing

27 falling

28 pain

29 light

30 dark

31 Irony

32 central

33 empty

34 music

35 tradition

36 shadow

37 self

38 boring

39 landscape

40 grass

41 Hot

42 Cold

43 Book

44 Vacant

45 Movement

46 Road

47 Pattern

48 Begin

49 End

50 Time

51 Broken

52 Smooth

53 Fuzzy

54 Glass

55 Snack

56 Forever

57 Road

58 Lines


60 Fear

61 Looking up

62 Looking down

63 flight

64 Shiny

65 fast

66 slow

67 urban

68 technical

69 artistic

70 youth

71 numbers

72 Sign

73 Paradise

74 regret

75 admire

76 Spiritual

77 Wave

78 Fleeting

79 Change

80 Something out of place

81 Fresh

82 Clean

83 Sparkle

84 Soft

85 Full

86 Lucky

87 Wall

88 Garden

89 Barn

90 Friendship

91 Work

92 Play

93 Rusty

94 Old

95 New

96 Paper


98 Sticky

99 sweet

100 laughter

So it's been almost a month. Eep.

What have I done. I tried 2 new recipes (corn fritters & buttermilk fried chicken). I bought a new cell phone to replace mine! I got the new HTC Evo and LOVE it.

I also am in a group that came up with our 100 snapshot challenge list. I'll list them all out in a different post. I just charged my camera battery (it's been dead since the first weekend in September....) so I want to jump on that :) I can't wait to take some of them!

Monday, August 30, 2010

I haven't forgotten about you, 101 project! Life is busy for us in the fall. I'm out of my summer funk (yes, unlike most people I hate summer, not winter :P) and we have a ton of stuff to do! Let's see - this weekend we're going to Sesame Place, next weekend, visiting my grandmother. The next weekend, DH works and there's a consignment sale I'm participating in (so I have to get everything done and ready for that). The following weekend, the ILs want us to go to the Neptune Festival at VA Beach. The first weekend in October is free. The next is a Lord's Acre sale we always go to, then after that we're going to Baltimore for the boy's birthday trip. We (by we, this is my sister, her son, DH, DS and I - this is our normal cast for road trips unless otherwise noted) are taking the boys to the National Aquarium. The following weekend is currently free, but the next weekend will be Olliver's 2nd birthday party. Really?! My baby is already TWO?! I can't believe it. Sigh.


Olliver now has his own library card :) His daddy made it for him (he works at our library) and we checked out some books on it :) We have the National Aquarium trip planned as well. I want to get hopping on the 100 Snapshot challenge :)

Thursday, August 19, 2010

101 Things in 1001 Days

I started this project a few days ago, but hadn't blogged yet. (Yay! Now I can mark 25 off my list!) I need to figure out how to post the list over here, but so far I've started a few tasks.

The first is to read 60 new books (a little less than 2 a month). I finished "The Secret Life of CeCe Wilkes" last night. OMG, soooo good. So, 1/60 done!

The second is to try 30 new recipes (a little less than 1 a month). I made a beef pot roast last night, using beef broth instead of water. It turned out realllly well. I also made mashed potatoes using cream cheese and OMG, SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO good!!! I could have eaten all of them I think. I guess in theory thats 2/30, but I'm just using it as 1/30 :)