Monday, August 30, 2010

I haven't forgotten about you, 101 project! Life is busy for us in the fall. I'm out of my summer funk (yes, unlike most people I hate summer, not winter :P) and we have a ton of stuff to do! Let's see - this weekend we're going to Sesame Place, next weekend, visiting my grandmother. The next weekend, DH works and there's a consignment sale I'm participating in (so I have to get everything done and ready for that). The following weekend, the ILs want us to go to the Neptune Festival at VA Beach. The first weekend in October is free. The next is a Lord's Acre sale we always go to, then after that we're going to Baltimore for the boy's birthday trip. We (by we, this is my sister, her son, DH, DS and I - this is our normal cast for road trips unless otherwise noted) are taking the boys to the National Aquarium. The following weekend is currently free, but the next weekend will be Olliver's 2nd birthday party. Really?! My baby is already TWO?! I can't believe it. Sigh.


Olliver now has his own library card :) His daddy made it for him (he works at our library) and we checked out some books on it :) We have the National Aquarium trip planned as well. I want to get hopping on the 100 Snapshot challenge :)

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